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Selected Projects

Hecatompylos: a major new city of hundred gates

A major master plan for a 250 hectare new city of recreation, sports and culture located in north west Iran . We were invited by the Clients to act as their design advisor and give guidance on improving the strategic master plan and also to liaise with the client's appointed Italian architects on the design of the 100 storey mixed use residential, hotel and retail tower. An iconic tower to symbolise the time of transition in Iran.

We provided independent advice to the clients and stakeholders including the sport federation and the investment banks. We also arranged many meetings for the client with renowned British architects to develop wider design consortia for various districts like the sports, health, residential, culture and tourist centre and so on.

Zero Circus Street, Greenwich

Transformation of a non conformist hall into a modern house.  We acted as the Client Design Advisor to guid and direct the clients in design, style, materials, colours and the adaptation and configuration of the space.

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