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*  Round House, Private Client, Current

*  Angle House, Private Client,  Current

*  Rock House, Private Client, Current

*  Circus Street House, Private Client, Current

*  Elecktron Towers, Pre Planning Consultation and Design Advice, 

   London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 2003

*  Vale of Heath Luxury Apartments, Planning Appeal, 1995

*  Sovereign Centre Mixed Use, Gibraltar, Private Client,1994

​*  Stanhope Estate Regeneration, HTA Architects, 2004

*  Ocean Estate, Pre Planning Consultation and Design Advice, 

   London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 2003

*  New Providence Wharf, Pre Planning Consultation and Design  Advice,

    London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 2003

*  Marquess Estate River Green Capital Challenge Regeneration, 

    London Borough of Islington, 2000-02

*  Bethnal Green Technical College Transformation, Design Advice,

   Barron + Smith Architects , 2006-08

*  Haringey BSF, Design Advice, Barron + Smith Architects, 2006-08

*  Ealing BSF, Readiness to Deliver, Babcock infrastructure, 2005

*  King Saudi University, GMW Partnership Team,1980s

​*  Edgware Community Hospital, Contract Administration and Site Inspection,

   Nightingale Associates, 2003.

*  Birmingham Mental Care Hospital, Clinical Planning and Design,

   Nightingale Associates, 2003

*  Cherry Knoll Mental Care Asylum Competition, Nightingale Associates, 2003

*  Peterborough Acute Hospital, Master Planning, Nightingale Associates, 2003

*   Sofra Restaurant St Johns Wood, Change of Use to A3

    Licenced Restaurant,  Sofra / Ozar International, 2002

*   Hotel Hedge End, Design for HAA Architects, 2002

*   Hotel Hill Vally, Design for HAA Architects, 2002

​*   Surbiton Station Urban Regeneration, Design Advisor,

     Parsons and Brinkerhoff (PB World), 2009

*   Greenwich Water Front Transit Project, Design and Project Manager,

     Burns + Nice, 2008

​*   Victoria and Embankment, Ideas Design Competition, GL Hearn, 2004

*   Illford River Front, Competition Frame Work, GL Hearn, 2004

*   Watford Town Centre Regeneration, Character Study, GL Hearn, 2004

*   Bankside, Urban Character Study, London Borough of Southwark, 2005


*   Hecatompylos New City of Culture, Recreation and Sports,

    Design Advice to KN Group,  Middle East, Current

*   Berlin Cultural Forum South of  the Tiergarten, Master plan, 1980s

*   Greenwich to Woolwich River Front Master Plan Proposals, 1990s

*   Cranleigh Housing Master Planning, 1990s

*   Edinburgh Six Cemeteries, Change of Use to Residential

     Development, Master Planning, 1990s

Projects delivered independently or in association with other organisations

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